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The Research Data Centres (RDCs) Information and Technical Bulletin (ITB) is a forum by which Statistics Canada analysts and the research community can inform each other on survey data uses and methodological techniques. Articles in the ITB focus on data analysis and modelling, data management, and best or ineffective statistical, computational, and scientific practices. Further, ITB topics will include essays on data content, implications of questionnaire wording, comparisons of datasets, reviews on methodologies and their application, data peculiarities, problematic data and solutions, and explanations of innovative tools using RDC surveys and relevant software. All of these essays may provide advice and detailed examples outlining commands, habits, tricks and strategies used to make problem-solving easier for the RDC user.

The main aims of the ITB are

- the advancement and dissemination of knowledge surrounding Statistics Canada's data;
- the exchange of ideas among the RDC-user community ;
- the support of new users;
- the co-operation with subject matter experts and divisions within Statistics Canada.

The ITB is interested in quality articles that are worth publicizing throughout the research community, and that will add value to the quality of research produced at Statistics Canada's RDCs.

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