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Statistics Canada's Quality Assurance Framework


This document describes the Quality Assurance Framework within which Statistics Canada manages the quality of its information products. It is an overview of the management approach used by the Agency to achieve an appropriate balance between the evolving needs of clients, costs, respondent burden, and the various dimensions of quality.

Statistics Canada's product is information. The confidence of clients in the quality of that information is critical to the Agency's reputation as an independent, objective source of trustworthy information. The management of quality therefore plays a central role within the overall management of the Agency. To manage quality effectively and meaningfully, Statistics Canada defines the information quality of its statistical outputs to reflect their fitness for use by clients. This is a multidimensional concept embracing both the relevance of the information to users' needs, and the characteristics of accuracy, timeliness, accessibility, interpretability and coherence that determine how the information can be used. The framework is described in relation to these dimensions.

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