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Canadian economic accounts quarterly review


This publication presents an overview of the economic developments reported in Canada's national accounts for the most recent quarter. The overview covers several broad areas: 1) gross domestic product (GDP) by income and by expenditure; 2) GDP by industry; 3) balance of international payments accounts; 4) labour productivity and other related variables; 5) international investment position, and; 6) national balance sheet accounts.

The publication examines quarterly trends in the major aggregates that comprise GDP, both income- and expenditure-based, as well as prices and the financing of economic activity by institutional sector. GDP is also examined by industry, both for the last month of the quarter and the quarter as a whole. Canada's transactions with non-residents related to international trade, investment income flows, transfers and international investing and financing activities are summarized. The quarterly productivity estimates are meant to assist in the analysis of the short-run relationship among the fluctuations of output, employment, compensation and hours worked. Complete national balance sheets provide estimates of Canada's wealth. Canada's financial position with the rest of the world is also articulated. The overview is accompanied by graphics and several detailed statistical tables. Some issues also contain more technical articles, explaining national accounts methodology or analysing a particular aspect of the economy.

This publication carries the detailed analyses, charts and statistical tables that, prior to its first issue, were released in The Daily (11-001-XIE) under the headings National Economic and Financial Accounts, Canada's Balance of International Payments and Gross Domestic Product by industry.


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