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This new electronic publication is designed to provide information to analysts, researchers, students and the general public who wish to monitor, analyse and interpret annual trends in productivity and related measures in Canada.

Time series of these statistics are valuable to those who take an interest in the performance of Canadian businesses. This publication includes four series of statistical tables. The first is entitled Value Added, Capital Cost and Labour Cost; the estimates provided here are expressed in current dollars. The next series is entitled Productivity and Related Measures; data are presented in indices and growth rates. The third is entitled Prices and Units Costs; which are also expressed in indices and growth rates. The final series contains one table, which presents a comparison of labour productivity growth and related variables in the business sector between Canada and the United States.

All of these tables report estimates for the period from 1997 to 2002. These statistical series are consistent with the System of National Accounts, derived from the new North-American Industrial Classification System (NAICS). The annual estimates provided here are limited to the overall business sector and two-digit NAICS industries.

Two programs at Statistics Canada develop annual productivity and related variables data for elements of the Canadian economy: (1) the labour productivity and unit labour costs program and (2) the multifactor productivity program. Labour productivity, measured as total output per unit of labour (hours worked), is an important indicator of a nation's standard of living. Multifactor productivity is a comprehensive measure of productive efficiency. Its growth is measured as the increase in output minus the growth of combined inputs of labour and capital. Estimates of productivity are derived from a Chain Fisher Index of the gross domestic product (GDP), or of the value added.

Except for exchange rate series from Table 176-0064, data in this publication are available in CANSIM tables 383-0008, 383-0013, 383-0014 and 383-0015. Series data by industry in each of the last three tables begin in 1997; they will be made available back to 1961 later this year. The U.S. data are from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Productivity and Costs, published in NEWS.

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