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The St. Lawrence River Valley 1998 ice storm: maps and facts


In early 1998, 3 successive storm fronts dropped as much as 110 millimeters of freezing rain through parts of Eastern Canada. This ice storm had a notable impact on the hundreds of thousands of people who suffered electricity outages which, in some cases, lasted longer than one month. But other effects were also felt and continue to be: human lives were lost, livestock perished, ecosystems were damaged, economies were disrupted, emergency response systems were strained beyond capacity. In short, Ice Storm 98 was an event that will not soon be forgotten.

This Statistics Canada publication gathers a series of six annotated maps and tables illustrating some of the impact the meteorological event had as it stormed through the St. Lawrence River Valley: population, employment, retail sales, vegetation cover, dairy cows and sugar maple taps are illustrated and briefly discussed.

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