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Whole farm database reference manual


The Whole Farm Data Base (WFDB) is the product of a joint venture between Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and Statistics Canada. It was developed with the intention to meet the increasing demands of users of agricultural statistics for more disaggregated data at the whole farm level. The WFDB provides the means for users to evaluate agricultural policies and programs as well as analyze the viability, stability, and competitiveness of various farm businesses.

Integrating into one base the agricultural data, which are available from administrative and survey sources, is the essence of the WFDB. It can offer users access to a wider than ever range of disaggregated physical and financial data at the farm level.

This reference manual will familiarize potential users of the WFDB with the structure of the data base and the quality of the data and give a description of the WFDB products and services that are currently available.

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