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Information and communication technology price indexes: Concepts and methods


The growth in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector has created a need for more sector-specific economic indicators. Prices Division at Statistics Canada (STC) currently produces price indexes for several ICT goods that include computers and computer equipment or peripherals (e.g., printers and monitors). These indexes measure the price movement of ICT goods at the final or end-purchaser level (i.e., government, businesses and households) for consumption. The ICT price index series are used by economists, industry analysts and the general public to track and comprehend events and trends as they occur in this important area of the ICT sector. Within STC, the series pertaining to consumers are used in the calculation of the Consumer Price Index. In addition, several series are used by the Canadian System of National Accounts in deflating the value of gross investment by government and businesses. This reference document outlines what ICT goods price indexes are produced and their underlying data sources and methodology.

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