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Health regions: boundaries and correspondence with census geography


Health Regions 2005 describes in detail the health region limits as of June 2005 and their correspondence with the 1996 and 2001 Census geography. Health regions are defined by the provinces and represent administrative areas or regions of interest to health authorities. This product contains correspondence files (linking health regions to 2001 Census geographic codes) and digital boundary files. User documentation provides an overview of health regions, sources, methods, limitations and product description (file format and layout).

In addition to the geographic files, this product also includes 2001 Census data (basic profile) for health regions.

A result of the co-operation of provincial health ministries, Alberta Treasury and BC Stats, Health Regions 2005 is part of the Health Information Roadmap initiative, a joint effort among the Canadian Institute for Health Information, Health Canada and Statistics Canada. Health Regions 2005 was produced by the Health Statistics Division in collaboration with the Geography and Dissemination divisions

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