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Statistical report on the health of Canadians


his is the second version of the Statistical report on the health of Canadians. Like the original in 1996, this report provides a comprehensive and detailed statistical overview of the health status of Canadians and the major determinants of that status. The original report was created for the Federal, Provincial and Territorial Advisory Committee on Population Health, which has also commissioned this update. The broad purpose of the report is to help policy-makers and program planners identify priority issues and measure progress in the domain of population health.

The Statistical report is meant to be a tool for learning as well as planning. The data identify populations at risk; suggest associations between health determinants, health status, and population characteristics; raise questions about the reasons for the widespread differences among the provinces and territories; and illustrate areas where Canada's health information system is robust, and others where it is relatively weak. These and other themes are touched on in the 11 section introductions of the Statistical Report and developed more fully in the companion publication, Toward a healthy future: second report on the health of Canadians. These publications are available at the Health Canada web site at:

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