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Joint Canada/United States Survey of Health: Findings and public-use microdata file


The Joint Canada/United States Survey of Health is a collaborative project undertaken by Statistics Canada and the National Center for Health Statistics of the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention. It is the first survey that asks a common set of questions to approximately 3,500 Canadians and 5,200 U.S. residents about their health status and access to health care services. The analytical report in this publication compares Canadians and U.S. residents on a broad range of health dimensions including self-perceived health, chronic conditions, functional status, life-style factors such as smoking and obesity, health care utilization and satisfaction with health care services. A public-use microdata file (PUMF) has been prepared from the survey, and is available for free download in this publication. The PUMF comes with complete documentation, including a data dictionary, a user guide and a document explaining how the derived variables were created. "Bootstrap" weights for variance calculation are also provided for free download.

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