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Residential Care Facilities


The term "residential care facilities" refers to facilities with four beds or more that are funded, licensed or approved by provincial/territorial departments of health and/or social services. This report focuses on facilities for the aged, facilities for persons with mental disorders and other facilities which provide health or social care. Facilities for the aged include homes for the aged, nursing homes, lodges for senior citizens and rest homes. Certain facilities such as apartments or other homes for seniors not providing any level of care were not included. Facilities for persons with mental disorders include facilities for the psychiatrically disabled, mentally retarded, emotionally disturbed children and centres for those with drug/alcohol problems. Some psychiatric institutions are included here. Other residential care facilities include those that do not fit in any of the previous categories such as facilities for persons with physical disabilities, for delinquents, for transients, for emotionally disturbed children and facilities that do not fit in any of the other categories.

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