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The International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS) was a seven-country initiative conducted in the fall of 1994. Its goal was to create comparable literacy profiles across national, linguistic and cultural boundaries. Successive waves of the survey now encompass close to 30 countries around the world.

This monograph series features detailed studies from the IALS database by literacy scholars and experts in Canada and the United States. The research is primarily funded by Human Resources Development Canada. Monographs focus on current policy issues and cover topics such as adult training, literacy skill match and mismatch in the workplace, seniors' literacy skills and health, literacy and economic security, and many others.

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No. 20 (PDF - 569K) Literacy and the labour market: cognitive skills and immigrant earnings
No. 19 (PDF - 974K) Learning literacy in Canada: Evidence from the International Survey of Reading Skills
No. 18 (PDF - 381K) Literacy and the Labour Market: The Generation of Literacy and Its Impact Earnings for Native Born Canadians
No. 17 (PDF - 645K) Adult learning: a comparative perspective. Results from the Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey
No. 16 (PDF - 405K) Gaining and losing literacy skills over the lifecourse
No. 15 (PDF - 674K) The Canadian component of the 2003 International Adult Literacy and Skills Survey (IALSS) : the situation of official language minorities
No. 14 (PDF - 334K) Human Capital and Canadian Provincial Standards of Living
No. 13 (PDF - 1579K) Measuring adult literacy and life skills: New frameworks for assessment
No. 12 (PDF - 370K) The effect of literacy on immigrant earnings
No. 11 (PDF - 656K) Literacy scores, human capital and growth across fourteen OECD countries
No. 10 (PDF - 1022K) Literacy and literacy training of francophones in Canada
No. 9 (PDF - 261K) Literacy skills, occupational assignment and the returns to over- and under-education
No. 8 (PDF - 287K) Literacy, numeracy and labour market outcomes in Canada
No. 7 (PDF - 516K) Schooling, literacy and individual earnings
No. 6 (PDF - 314K) Inequalities in literacy skills among youth in Canada and the United States
No. 5 (PDF - 265K) At risk
No. 4 (PDF - 304K) Literacy Utilization in Canadian Workplaces
No. 3 (PDF - 252K) The Value of words: literacy and economic security in Canada
No. 2 (PDF - 283K) Employee training: an international
No. 1 (PDF - 143K) Literacy skills of Canadian youth

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