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Summary of Content Analysis Results - 2004 Census Test


This document summarizes the results of content analyses of the 2004 Census Test. The first section briefly explains the context of the content analyses by describing the nature of the sample, its limitations and the strategies used to evaluate data quality. The second section provides an overview of the results for questions that have not changed since the 2001 Census by describing the similarities between 2001 and 2004 distributions and non-response rates. The third section evaluates data quality of new census questions or questions that have changed substantially: same-sex married couples, ethnic origins, levels of schooling, location where highest diploma was obtained, school attendance, permission to access income tax files, and permission to make personal data publicly available 92 years after the census. The last section summarizes the overall results for questions whose content was coded and evaluated as part of the 2004 test, namely industry, occupation and place of work variables.


Summary of Content Analysis Results - 2004 Census Test (HTML version)


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