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Most Geography products come with free reference guides that describe the content and applications of the product, as well as data quality, record layouts and other information. Reference guides are included as PDF files with the products when they are distributed. The guides are also accessible online.

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(PDF - 154K)
(PDF - 2706K)
Amended (2008/07/02)
(PDF - 523K)
(PDF - 1019K)
(PDF - 298K)
(PDF - 717K)
Maps and census subdivision components
(PDF - 805K)
(PDF - 404K)
Census metropolitan area (CMA) or Census agglomeration (CA) name and province name
(PDF - 460K)
2000, no. 4, (Updated ed. 2001)
(PDF - 292K)
(PDF - 780K)
(PDF - 105K)
(PDF - 861K)
(PDF - 164K)
(PDF - 174K)
(PDF - 195K)

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