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Dissemination Area Reference Maps, by Census Tract, for Census Metropolitan Areas and Census Agglomerations, 2001 Census (geography products: geographic reference products)


The set of Dissemination Area Reference Maps by Census Tract covers all 27 census metropolitan areas (CMAs) and the 19 census agglomerations (CAs) that are part of the census tract program. Each map in the set covers one census tract (CT) and shows the boundaries and codes of dissemination areas within that CT. The maps also show census tract, census subdivision, and census metropolitan area or census agglomeration boundaries on a background of detailed street networks and other visible features such as rivers, lakes and railroad tracks.
There are 6,157 maps in this set - generally one map per census tract. The dimensions of each map are approximately 27 cm by 43 cm (11 inches by 17 inches). Map scales vary according to the size of the census tract; thus the maps cannot be cut and pasted together. In cases where there is too much detail to show on one map, the census tract may be split into two or four maps. Clients are not charged for the extra maps resulting from the CT split. A reference guide is available (Catalogue No. 92F0146GIE).
Dissemination area reference maps are also available for smaller urban centres, that is, non-tracted census agglomerations (92F0147XCB, 92F0147XIB, 92F0147XPB), and by census division for areas outside census metropolitan areas and census agglomerations (92F0148XCB, 92F0148XIB, 92F0148XPB). Together, the three sets of dissemination area maps cover all of Canada.

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