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Census Division and Census Subdivision Reference Maps, by Province or Territory, 2001 Census (geography products: geographic reference products)


For the 2001 Census, four national maps (covering all of Canada) show the following standard geographic areas:

The set of Census Division and Census Subdivision Reference Maps covers all of Canada, by province and territory. The maps show the boundaries, names and codes of census divisions (such as counties and regional districts) and census subdivisions (such as cities, towns, villages, other local municipal entities, townships and Indian reserves). The maps also show the boundaries of census metropolitan areas and census agglomerations. There are 22 maps in the set: one map covers each province or territory, except for Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta where two maps cover each province, British Columbia where three maps cover the province, and Quebec where four maps cover the province. The maps vary in scale (ranging from 1:310,000 to 1:3,500,000) and size, the maximum dimensions being approximately 145 cm by 99 cm (57 inches by 39 inches). The maps have the same general look as in 1996. A reference guide is available (Catalogue No. 92F0149GIE).
The complete set of CD/CSD maps is available in the Standard Geographical Classification Manual, Volume II (Catalogue No. 12-572-XPB). This publication also includes three maps of Canada at the 1:10,000,000 scale, one showing census divisions, one showing economic regions and census divisions, and one showing point locations of census metropolitan areas and census agglomerations.

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