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Agricultural Ecumene Census Division Boundary File for the 2001 Census of Agriculture


This boundary file delineates areas of significant agricultural activity in Canada as indicated by the 2001 Census of Agriculture. It is available at the Canada level, except for the territories, and is generalized for small-scale mapping. This agricultural ecumene enables users to thematically map data aggregated to the census division level and limits the data display to those areas where agricultural activity is concentrated in Canada. When used in dot and choropleth maps, the ecumene concept provides a more accurate depiction of the spatial distribution of data within standard geographic areas such as census divisions. Agricultural indicators including the ratios of total agricultural land to total land area, and total agricultural receipts to total land area were used in generating the agricultural ecumene.

The boundary file coordinates are latitude/longitude and are based on the North American Datum of 1983 (NAD83). The file is available in both ARC/INFO Interchange and MapInfo Interchange formats and a reference guide is also provided.

Agricultural Ecumene Census Division Boundary File for the 2001 Census of Agriculture(MapInfo interchange and Arc/Info interchange formats)

Geographic Information System software is required for creating the thematic maps. Software is not provided with the product; provides links to software that allows users to view and map the data.

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