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This section features publications promoting Healthy Aging. It contains publications from Health Canada, in particular from the Division of Aging and Seniors, and others resulting from Federal/Provincial/Territorial collaboration. The texts can be used for health promotion purposes (see Copyright and Permission to reproduce for conditions).

The publications included on this CD are available in Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF). To view a PDF file, Adobe® Acrobat software must be installed on your system. To obtain a free copy of the reader, click on Acrobat at the menu bar at the top or bottom of this screen.


Abuse and Neglect of Older Adults: A Discussion Paper

Best Quality at the Best Price

Bruno and Alice

Building a Healthy Future

Canada's Food Guide

Canada's Health Care System

Canada's Physical Activity Guide to Healthy Active Living for Older Adults

Canadians and Heart Health: Reducing the Risk

CHA Annual Report 1999-2000: Entire Report

Communicating With Seniors

Communication Skills Tools Series
    It Helps To Talk - Doctor's Guide: The 5-minute Guide to better communication
    It Helps To Talk - Patient Consultation Planner
    It Helps To Talk - Patient's Guide: How to get the most from a visit to your doctor
    Talking Tools I - Better Physician/Patient Communication for Better Patient Outcomes
    Talking Tools II - Putting Communications Skills to Work: Course Book
    Talking Tools II - Putting Communications Skills to Work: Resource Booklet
    Talking with Your Doctor - Communication Basics for Cancer Patients: Workshop Kit 

Diabetes in Canada

Enhancing Safety and Security for Canadian Seniors

Experience in Action - A National Forum for Healthy Aging

Financial Abuse of Older Adults Fact Sheet

Health Promotion in Canada - A Case Study

Healthy Heart Series
    How to Control Your Diabetes and Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease
    How to Control Your Blood Pressure and Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease
    How to Control Your Blood Cholesterol and Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease
    How to Become More Active and Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease
    How to Control Your Weight and Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease
    How to Stop Smoking and Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease

Horizons One - Older Canadians' Alcohol and Other Drug Use: Increasing Our Understanding developed for Phase II of Canada's Drug Strategy

Info-Sheet series
    Heart Disease 
    Palliative Care

Innovations in Best-Practice Models of Continuing Care for Seniors

Medication Matters: "How you can help seniors use medication safely"

Population Aging: An Overview of the Past Thirty Years

Principles of the National Framework on Aging: A Policy Guide

Proceedings of the Invitational Symposium on Palliative Care: Provincial and Territorial Trends and Issues in Community-Based Programming

Provincial and Territorial Home Care Programs: A Synthesis for Canada

Reaching Out: A Guide to Communicating with Aboriginal Seniors

Report on Continuing Care Organization and Terminology

Returning Home - Fostering a Supportive and Respectful Environment in the Long-Term Care Setting

Self-Neglect by Older Adults

Seniors Info-Exchange Series
The Future of Caregiving
    Incontinence: Silent No More

Seniors Policies and Programs Database Info-Sheet

Shifting Sands - The Changing Shape of Atlantic Canada: Economic and Demographic Trends and their Impacts on Seniors

Strategies for Population Health - Investing in the Health of Canadians

Stand By Me : Preventing Abuse and Neglect of Residents in Long-Term Care

Taking Action on Population Health

The Changing Face of Heart Disease and Stroke in Canada 2000

The Safe Living Guide: A Guide to Home Safety for Seniors

Toward Healthy-Aging Communities: A Population Health Approach

When Home Is Not Home - Abuse and Neglect in Long-Term Care - A Resident's Perspective



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