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Comprises final reports on research projects investigating such topics as systematic bedrock or surficial mapping, geophysics, geochemistry, or economic geology of either broad regional or local interest. Each report is critically reviewed by one or more specialists, and may include maps, figures, and pocket items. This series now incorporates all the categories of Geological Survey of Canada publications that were formerly released as Memoirs, Bulletins, Economic Geology Reports and Papers. Not intended for the general public.

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Publication information
Department/Agency Canada. Department of Energy, Mines and Resources.
Canada. Energy, Mines and Resources Canada.
Geological Survey of Canada.
Title Bulletin / Geological Survey of Canada.
Publication type Series - Browse issue records
Language [English]
Other language editions [French]
Continues Geological Survey bulletin ; No. 1 (1945)-no. 15 (1950).
Format Electronic
Other formats Paper-[English], CD-ROM-[English], DVD-[English]
Note(s) Includes summaries in French.
Issued 1966-1974 by Dept. of Energy, Mines and Resources; 1974-1993 by Energy, Mines and Resources Canada; 1993 by Natural Resources Canada.
Continues: Geological Survey bulletin.
Publishing information Ottawa : Dept. of Mines and Technical Surveys, [1950]-
Chronology No. 16 (1950)-
Frequency Irregular
Catalogue number
  • M42E-PDF
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