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020 |a0-660-11094-6
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0861 |aA53-1413/1982E
1101 |aCanada.|bAgriculture Canada.
24510|aPrairie grasses identified and described by vegetative characters / |cby Jan Looman, Research Station, Swift Current, Saskatchewan.
260 |aOttawa - Ontario : |bAgriculture Canada |c1982, reprinted 1992.
300 |a244p. : |bfigs. ; |c23 cm.
500 |aIncorrect copyright date (1992) printed in this publication.
5203 |aWhat's the difference between bluebunch leaf grass and reed canary grass? Find out in "Prairie Grasses", the definitive guide to the many grasses growing on the rangelands of the prairie provinces of Canada. A key simplifies identification of 107 different species, making use of vegetative characters in the roots, stalks and leaves of grasses. Reprinted 1990.
563 |aSoftcover
69007|aWild plants|2gcpds
7201 |aLooman, Jan