Proceed with care : final report of the Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies / Chairperson: Patricia Baird. : Z1-1989/3E

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Test tube babies, fertility drugs, egg and embryo donation, womb rental, gene therapy and sex selection are all issues fraught with implications -- social, ethical, legal, health, scientific and economic. As science continually pushes forward the frontiers of reproductive technology, more Canadians realize that such technology can be misused, with harmful consequences for individuals and for society. The work of the commission, chaired by Patricia Baird, spanned four years of intensive research, consultation and deliberation. The result is a report with an exhaustive analysis of the issues and a set of far-reaching recommendations. While the Commission concluded that some reproductive technologies and some of their uses are unethical and contrary to Canadians' values, it found that others are potentially beneficial, if used ethically and responsibly. Hence the need for a system to oversee, licence, and monitor activities in this report.

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Department/Agency Canada. Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies.
Title Proceed with care : final report of the Royal Commission on New Reproductive Technologies / Chairperson: Patricia Baird.
Publication type Monograph
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Format Paper
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Note(s) Contents: Part One: New reproductive technologies and Canadian society: A comprehensive response to issues of national importance; Social values and attitudes toward technology and new reproductive technologies; What guided our deliberations: ethical framework and guiding principles; New reproductive technologies and the health care system; Achieving responsible regulation of new reproductive technologies.--Part Two: New reproductive technologies: examination of conditions, technologies, and practices: Developing a comprehensive picture of technologies and practices; The biology of human reproduction and early development; Infertility: prevalence, risk factors, and prevention: Introduction; Prevalence of infertility; Sexually transmitted diseases and infertility; Smoking and infertility; Age and infertility; Exposure to harmful agents in the workplace and the environment and infertility; Other risk factors and infertility; Preventing infertility; Adoption; Infertility treatments: introduction and social context; Infertility treatments: fertility drugs; Infertility treatments: assisted insemination; Infertility treatments: In Vitro fertilization; Handling of eggs and embryos; Embryo research; Preconception arrangements; Commercial interests and new reproductive technologies; Prenatal diagnosis and genetic technologies: introduction and social context; Prenatal diagnosis for congenital anomalies and genetic disease; Prenatal diagnosis for late-onset single-gene disorders and for susceptibility genes; Sex selection for non-medical reasons; Gene therapy and genetic alteration; Judicial intervention in pregnancy and birth; Uses of fetal tissue.--Part Three: Overview of recommendations.--Part Four: Annex, Glossary, and Appendices.
Publishing information Ottawa - Ontario : Royal Commissions. 1993.
Binding Softcover
Description 2 vols., xxxvii, 1275p. : figs., graphs, references, tables ; 25 cm.
ISBN 0-660-15359-9
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  • Z1-1989/3E
Subject terms Reproductive technology
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