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0861 |aJ2-191/2003E
1101 |aCanada.|bJustice Canada. |bMinister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada.
24510|aPay equity : |ba new approach to a fundamental right / |cPublished by the Pay Equity Task Force under the autority of the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, and Minister of Labour.
2463 |aPay Equity Task Force final report 2004
260 |aOttawa - Ontario : |bJustice Canada. |c2004.
300 |axv, 571p. : |bgraphs, tables ; |c28 cm.
504 |aBibliography.
5203 |aThis is the final report of the Pay Equity Task Force. The mandate of the task force included surveying and analysing pay equity legislation in Canada and international jurisdictions; examining administrative best practices and models for the implementation of pay equity legislation; assessing job evaluation and wage adjustment methodologies; and developing options and recommendations for improving the pay equity legislative framework.
563 |aSoftcover
590 |a04-30|b2004-07-23
69007|aPay equity|2gcpds
7102 |aMinistère du Travail.
77508|tL'équité salariale : |w(CaOODSP)9.682144
7760#|tPay equity : |w(CaOODSP)9.687563