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0861 |aH34-236/2011E-PDF
1101 |aCanada. |bHealth Canada.
24510|aFood safety for First Nations people of Canada : |h[electronic resource]|ba manual for healthy practices
260 |aOttawa - Ontario : |bHealth Canada |cc2011.
300 |a160p.|bglossary, illus., references, tables, photographs
500 |a"This manual ... is intended to raise awareness in First Nations communities on the safe handling, preparation, and storage practices of traditional foods, in order to reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses. The Manual also includes market foods as they are increasingly becoming a part of First Nations diet. The Manual will be used primarily as a resource by Environmental Health Officers (EHOs), health care providers (e.g., health directors and nurses) and First Nations authorities and their delegates."--Page 17 of 160, Introduction. The Cat. No. (H34-236/2011E) and ISBN (978-1-100-19117-1) of the print edition have been incorrectly copied in the pdf edition.
504 |aBibliography.
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77508|tSalubrité des aliments pour les Premières nations du Canada : |w(CaOODSP)9.639011
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