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0861 |aM104-3/2010E-PDF
1101 |aCanada.|bNatural Resources Canada. |bMapping Services Branch.
24512|aA manager's guide to public health geomatics / |h[electronic resource]|csubmitted by: AMEC Earth & Environmental, a division of AMEC Americas Limited, to Natural Resources Canada, GeoConnections.
250 |aFinal draft 1.4, February 26, 2010
260 |aOttawa - Ontario : |bNatural Resources Canada. |c[2010].
500 |a"The purpose of this document is to provide a credible resource to those public health practitioners interested in: Learning the capacity and potential of various national organizations with respect to geomatics in public health; Assessing the potential and role of geomatics in their organization; Learning through the experiences of others; Seeking resources to assist with their planning efforts; and Learning of best practices to adopt where applicable."--Page 9 of 185, Introduction.
504 |aBibliography.
590 |a11-34|b2011-08-26
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