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040 |aCaOODSP|beng
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0861 |aNH12-267/8E-PDF
24500|aHousing market assessment. |pQuébec CMA |h[electronic resource].
260 |a[Ottawa] : |bCanada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, |c2016-2020.
310 |aQuarterly
3620 |a[Second quarter 2016]-first quarter 2020.
500 |aIssued also in French under title: Évaluation des marchés de l'habitation. RMR de Québec.
520 |a"The Housing Market Assessment publication for Québec evaluates the extent to which there is evidence of problematic housing market conditions in the Québec CMA. Results are updated on a quarterly basis."
69207|2gccst|aMarket analysis
7102 |aCanada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.
77508|tÉvaluation du marché de l'habitation. |w(CaOODSP)9.821608
78500|tHousing market assessment : |w(CaOODSP)9.891844