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040 |aCaOODSP|beng
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0861 |aP29-003-140-001-2017E-PDF
24500|aMethods of testing petroleum and associated products |h[electronic resource] : |blow temperature flow test (LTFT) for diesel fuels.
24630|aLow temperature flow test (LTFT) for diesel fuels
260 |aGatineau, QC : |bCanadian General Standards Board, |c2017.
300 |aii, 10 p. : |bill.
4901 |aNational standard of Canada ; |vCAN/CGSB-3.0, no. 140.1-2017
500 |aIssued also in French under title: Méthodes d’essai des produits pétroliers et produits connexes : essai d’écoulement à basse température (EÉBT) des combustibles diesels.
500 |a"Supersedes CAN/CGSB-3.0, no. 140.1-2005."
500 |a"ICS 71.040.50."
500 |a"Published October 2017."
504 |aIncludes bibliographical references.
516 |aElectronic monograph in PDF format.
520 |a"This method describes a procedure for determining the filter plugging tendency of diesel fuels at low temperature usually due to the formation of wax crystals. The method applies to all distillate diesel fuels. Fuels are expected to provide satisfactory fuel flow in automotive equipment at temperatures equal to or higher than the minimum pass temperature as described in 3.1.1. This method is referenced and compared in ASTM D4539. The testing and evaluation of a product against this method may require the use of materials and/or equipment that could be hazardous. This document does not purport to address all the safety aspects associated with its use"--Scope, p. 1.
69207|2gccst|aDiesel fuel
7101 |aCanada. |bCanadian General Standards Board.
7102 |aStandards Council of Canada.
77508|tMéthodes d’essai des produits pétroliers et produits connexes |w(CaOODSP)9.845384
795##|tMethods of testing petroleum and associated products |w9.839471
830#0|aNational standard of Canada (Online)|vCAN/CGSB-3.0, no. 140.1-2017|w(CaOODSP)9.507848
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