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040 |aCaOODSP|beng|erda|cCaOODSP
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0861 |aEn13-6/84-05E-PDF
1001 |aDick, T. M. |q(Thomas Milne)|eauthor.
24510|aComments on science and policy / |cauthor, T. Milne Dick.
264 1|a[Burlington, Ont.] : |bHydraulics Division, [National Water Research Institute], |cFebruary 1984.
300 |a1 online resource (13 pages).
336 |atext|btxt|2rdacontent
337 |acomputer|bc|2rdamedia
338 |aonline resource|bcr|2rdacarrier
4901 |aTechnical note ; |vno. 84-05
500 |aDigitized edition from print [produced by Environment and Climate Change Canada].
516 |aElectronic monograph in PDF format.
520 |a"There have been numerous documents on various aspects of science and technology in government and in the Department. In fact, the volume of this material is astounding and reflects some basic and underlying concern. The more recent of these - the review of Dr. Roots on science in DOE - is quite comprehensive and describes the situation very well"--page 2.
69207|2gccst|aScience policy
7101 |aCanada. |bEnvironment Canada.
7102 |aNational Water Research Institute (Canada). |bHydraulics Division.
830#0|aTechnical note (National Water Research Institute (Canada). Hydraulics Division)|vno. 84-05|w(CaOODSP)9.855127
85640|qPDF|s915 KB|uhttps://publications.gc.ca/collections/collection_2019/eccc/en13-6/En13-6-84-05-eng.pdf