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1001 |aRobin, C. M. I., |eauthor.
24510|aNAD83v70VG : |ba new national crustal velocity model for Canada / |cC.M.I. Robin, M. Craymer, R. Ferland, T.S. James, E. Lapelle, M. Piraszewski, and Y. Zhao.
24610|aNew national crustal velocity model for Canada
264 1|aOttawa, Ontario : |bGeomatics Canada, |c2020.
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504 |aIncludes bibliographical references (pages 40-45).
5203 |a"A national-scale crustal velocity model has been developed for Canada as part of the current realisation of NAD83(CSRS), delivered as a set of 3 national grids, for each of the North, East and Up (N, E and U) components. It is used to propagate coordinates to different reference epochs, and to support scientific studies such as natural hazards, climate change, and groundwater change. The previous velocity model was based on continuous and campaign GPS data between 1994 and 2011.3. The new model includes new stations in key areas, six more years of data (to the end of 2017), and newly reprocessed historical data using the latest software and GPS products. We include data from continuous GPS sites in Canada, the northern portions of the US, all of Greenland, and a set of globally distributed sites used to define the reference frame; and from repeated high accuracy campaign surveys in Canada. A new type of model is introduced for the vertical grid. It incorporates GPS observations with the crustal uplift predictions of Glacial Isostatic Adjustment (GIA) and elastic rebound models, which are especially important in areas with sparse coverage. Gridded uncertainty estimates are provided for each component of NAD83v70VG"--Abstract, page 3.
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