Minutes of the Depository Services Program Advisory Committee (DSP-AC) Teleconference, March 4, 2014

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Teleconference Date

March 4, 2014

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Subject of meeting: future of the DSP–AC and its Terms of Reference

  1. Meeting commenced at approximately 1:30 p.m. with Graeme Campbell as chairperson
  2. Opening remarks were delivered by Graeme. He noted that the minutes would be more concise than for previous meetings, recording key decisions and actions only
  3. Carla Graebner volunteered to edit the Terms of Reference (TOR) during the teleconference based on the decisions of the Committee. She also agreed to circulate a draft of the revision after the meeting
  4. Generally speaking, it was decided by the Committee that the TOR be revised to:
    1. Reflect that the Depository Services Program (DSP) is ceasing distribution of tangible formats as of March 31, 2014
    2. Remove references to “depository libraries” and replace with more inclusive alternatives such as “stakeholder libraries” or “Government of Canada stakeholders” as appropriate
    3. Add collaboration as a key function of the Committee
    4. Remove the obligation of maintaining a list server for the DSP–AC, since the meeting minutes already provide a useful archive of Committee business
    5. Replace the obligation to review the TOR every five years with an indication that they will be reviewed “as required”
    6. Reflect the fact that DSP–AC meetings are no longer attended by all members in person in Ottawa
    7. Merge subsections 1 and 3 under Reporting; and
    8. Update the Membership section to:
      1. Include both the director and manager responsible for the DSP
      2. Merge subsections 5 and 6 into subsection 2
      3. Allow for more than one representative from Government of Canada organizations identified as Committee members
      4. Allow for other government and non–government stakeholders to be invited to Committee meetings
      5. Clarify that 3–year membership terms only apply to members at large; and
      6. Simplify the list of library types from which members at large must be chosen
  5. The possibility of adding the Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives (ACMLA) as a member under Membership subsection 3 was discussed. It was decided that permanent membership was not necessary as maps no longer represent a large part of DSP business. Instead of adding more organisations to the membership, it was agreed that the TOR should retain the section describing the ability to invite representatives from other federal departments and stakeholders from time to time
  6. The possibility of adding “libraries outside of Canada” as a type to be represented under subsection 4 of Membership was discussed. It was decided that this was not necessary since Canada and Canadians are the primary clients of the DSP
  7. It was decided that the name of the Committee be changed from Depository Services Program Library Advisory Committee (DSP-LAC) to Depository Services Program Advisory Committee (DSP–AC). This name would be more inclusive of stakeholders, it would clarify that not all Committee members are from libraries and would avoid confusion with Library and Archives Canada (LAC). Removing “DSP” from the name of the Committee was also discussed, but the Committee decided to keep it until the future program name and function of the DSP is known
  8. It was decided that some mention of the three final Weekly Checklists should be added to the TOR’s Introduction as they were commemorative editions reflecting the history of the program
  9. It was decided that further discussion of the TOR prior to our next meeting would be done by email
  10. The next meeting of the DSP–AC is expected before the end of April 2014. On the agenda for the next meeting:
    1. Achieve consensus on the revised TOR
    2. Find a replacement from public libraries for a retiring member at large
    3. Other issues submitted by Committee members in advance

The meeting was adjourned at 3:44 pm.

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