Senate debate indexes

The Senate debates indexes were made available to the Depository Services Program in draft format by the Senate of Canada. The 2004 to 2005 indexes are the most recent available through our program.

Although the Government of Canada never officially published these draft indexes, they are useful tools for navigating the published Debates of the Senate of Canada.

You need a PDF reader to access the Senate debates indexes.

1st session, 38th Parliament 2004 to 2005

3rd session, 37th Parliament 2004

2nd session, 37th Parliament 2002 to 2003

1st session, 37th Parliament 2001

2nd session, 36th Parliament 1999 to 2000

1st session, 36th Parliament 1997 to 1999

2nd session, 35th Parliament 1996 to 1997

1st session, 35th Parliament 1994 to 1996

3rd session, 34th Parliament 1991 to 1993

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