Final report / Commissioner: Horace Krever.  : CP32-62/3-1997E

After two years, the Honourable Commissioner Judge Horace Krever has released the Final Report as a detailed overview of not only the events surrounding the tainted blood scandal of the 1980s but also as an account of his findings from the testimonies of over 400 witnesses who appeared before the Commission. The proceedings of the Commission were divided into two phases - national and provincial hearings. The objectives of the provincial hearings were to hear evidence from various provincial authorities and health officials as well as from individuals who had been infected, or whose lives had been affected, by the contamination of the blood system. Meanwhile, the national hearings reflected the investigation of issues that were of particular national significance such as the circumstances which led federal authorities to downplay the health risk involved with the tainted blood once it became known. Krever provides a series of 50 recommendations formed as a direct result of the contamination as well as those formed as a result of the provincial and national hearings. A future no-fault compensation system under the responsibility of the provinces and territories is only one of the Krever recommendations appropriately discussed in the Final Report. Also worth noting is the particular attention given to a cross-comparison of the Canadian blood system with other international blood systems. Treatment of this subject is based in large part on an examination of the structures and experiences of other countries, especially those with comparable federal systems.

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Ministère/Organisme Canada. Commission of Inquiry on the Blood System in Canada.
Titre Final report / Commissioner: Horace Krever.
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Information sur la publication Ottawa - Ontario : Commission of Inquiry on the Blood System in Canada 1997.
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Description 3 vols., 1197p. in various pagings. : figs., references, tables ; 28 cm.
ISBN 0-660-17230-5
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  • CP32-62/3-1997E
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