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008150406|2004||||xxc|||||     f|0| 0 eng|d
020 |a0-662-36152-0
022 |a1195-2334
040 |aCaOODSP|beng
043 |an-cn---
0861 |aFo29-42/46-2004E
1101 |aCanada. |bNatural Resources Canada. |bCanadian Forest Service.
24510|aField guide to the tree diseases of Ontario / |cby C. Davis and T. Meyer.
250 |aRev. ed.
260 |aSault Ste. Marie - Ontario : |bNatural Resources Canada. |c2004.
300 |a[7], 138p. : |bglossary, photographs, index ; |c22 cm.
4901 |aNODA/NFP technical report|x1195-2334|vTR-46
500 |a"This report was produced in fulfillment of the requirement for NODA/NFP Project No. 4120 "Field guide to Ontario tree diseases"."--Verso of title page.
504 |aBibliography.
5203 |aIntended for use in the field to identify tree diseases, to recognize and understand disease impacts and to provide recommendations for appropriate forest tree disease management actions for approximately 150 diseases.
546 |a(Résumés en français.)
563 |aSpiral binding
590 |a09-46|b2009-11-13
7201 |aDavis, C.
7201 |aMeyer, T.
7760#|tField guide to the tree diseases of Ontario / |w(CaOODSP)9.575269
830#0|aNODA/NFP technical report,|x1195-2334|vTR-46|w(CaOODSP)9.514642