Advancing sustainable development in Canada : policy issues and research needs  : PH4-1/2003E-PDF

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This paper identifies research needs related to seven sustainable development issues: changing urban design and planning; improving the quality and management of Canada’s freshwater resources; engaging in cross-jurisdictional, ecoregion-level decision making; understanding the impacts of globalization on sustainable development in Canada; designing signals and incentives that induce sustainable behaviour; reducing the ecological burden of current lifestyles; and taking bolder steps in meeting international commitments related to the alleviation of poverty in the world.

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Ministère/Organisme Canada. Policy Research Initiative.
Auteur collaborateur International Institute for Sustainable Development.
Titre Advancing sustainable development in Canada : policy issues and research needs
Type de publication Monographie
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Note(s) The catalogue number (PH4-1/2003) and ISBN (0-662-67783-8) assigned to the bilingual print edition have been incorrectly printed in this electronic publication. "PRI Project Sustainable Development in collaboration with International Institute for Sustainable Development"
Information sur la publication Ottawa - Ontario : Policy Research Initiative 2003.
Description 83p.fig., references, table
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  • PH4-1/2003E-PDF
Descripteurs Sustainable development
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