The revised Northern Food Basket  : R3-56/2007E-PDF

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A nutrition guide for northern communities based on surveys and the most recent version of Canada’s Food Guide. It includes key features of the food basket, such as the number of foods considered, perishable foods, and prices. It also discusses such topics as sources of energy and energy needs by age and gender, traditional foods, and comparisons to diets in the south.

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Ministère/Organisme Canada. Indian and Northern Affairs Canada.
Titre The revised Northern Food Basket
Type de publication Monographie
Langue [Anglais]
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Document électronique
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Information sur la publication Ottawa - Ontario : Indian and Northern Affairs [2007].
Description 35p.
ISBN 978-0-662-46679-6
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  • R3-56/2007E-PDF
Numéro de catalogue du ministère QS-8575-010-EE-A1
Descripteurs Nutrition
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