Seventh census of Canada, 1931 .  : CS98-1931-PDF

Report of the seventh census of Canada, 1931. Vol. 1 gives the history and purpose of the census, the legislation under which it is taken, the methods of collecting, checking and compiling the date, and a series of descriptive chapters summarizing the data for each of the subjects included in the whole census. Vol. 2 sets forth the total population enumerated as of date June 1st, 1931, down to the smallest geographical areas. Vol. 3 analyses the population data with ages as the basis of cross-classification. Vol. 4 contains the cross-classification of the various subjects included on the census schedule. Vol. 5 presents detailed statistics of the earnings of wage-earners, and also of dwellings, households, families, blind and deaf-mutes. Vol. 6 contains statistics of unemployment among wage-earners on the date of the census, June 1, 1931 and over the period June 1, 1930 to 1931 by industry, occupation, cause, age, sex. etc. Vol. 7 contains statistics of the occupations and industries of the gainfully occupied population by birthplace, racial origin, conjugal condition, age, sex, etc. Vol. 8 gives the complete results of the census of agriculture. Vol. 9 covers the census of institutions and includes statistics of hospitals for the sick, and penal, corrective and reformative institutions. Vol. 10 contains detailed statistics on retail merchandise trade. Vol. 11 presents the merchandising statistics for service establishments and wholesale trade. Vol. 12 brings together the 1931 census monographs dealing with families, fertility, housing, illiteracy and school attendance, age distribution and life tables. Vol. 13 comprises the 1931 census monographs dealing with unemployment, dependency of youth, rural and urban distribution and racial origins and nativity.

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Ministère/Organisme Canada. Dominion Bureau of Statistics.
Titre Seventh census of Canada, 1931 .
Variante du titre Septième recensement du Canada 1931
Report on the seventh census of Canada, 1931
Census of Canada 1931
Type de publication Monographie
Langue Bilingue-[Anglais | Français]
Format Électronique
Document électronique
Note(s) Chiefly tables.
Added t.p. title: Septième recensement du Canada 1931.
Volumes 1, 12-13 published separately in English and French.
Errata laid in.
Historical census publication digitized in 2010 [by Statistics Canada].
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
v. 1. Summary -- v. 2. Population by areas -- v. 3. Ages of the people, classified by sex, conjugal condition, racial origin, religion, birthplace, language, literacy, school attendance, year of immigration, naturalization, etc. -- v. 4. Cross-classification -- v. 5. Earnings of wage-earners, dwellings, households, families, blind and deaf-mutes -- v. 6. Unemployment -- v. 7, Occupations and industries -- v. 8. Agriculture -- v. 9. Institutions -- v. 10. Merchandising and service establishments--part I. Retail merchandise trade: summary for Canada and statistics for provinces, cities, towns and counties or census divisions -- v. 11. Merchandising and service establishments--part II. Retail services, wholesale trade retail chains, hotels, distribution of sales of manufactures -- v. 12. Monographs - the Canadian family, fertility of the population of Canada, housing in Canada, illiteracy and school attendance, the age of distribution of the Canadian people, Canadian life tables -- v. 13. Monographs - unemployment, dependency of youth, rural and urban composition of the Canadian population, racial origins and nativity of the Canadian people.
Text in English and in French. French text follows the English.
Information sur la publication Ottawa : Dominion Bureau of Statistics, 1933-1942 (J.O. Patenaude, Printer to the King's Most Excellent Majesty)
Description 13 v. (1519 p. ; xv, 939 p. ; xvi, 1009 p. ; xx, 1413 p. ; xlvii, 1730 p. ; xxviii, 1319 p. ; xxvii, 1007 p. ; ccxxii, 838 p. ; lii, 495 p. ; lxxxiii, 1077 p. ; xii, 1298 p. ; xlviii, 902 p. ; xiii, 828 p.) ill., graphs, maps (some col.), photographs
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  • CS98-1931-PDF
Descripteurs Census
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