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020 |qpaper : |z0-660-14185-X
040 |aCaOODSP|beng
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0861 |aCi53-3/3-1991E-PDF|zCi53-3/3-1991E
24500|aPlain language, clear and simple |h[electronic resource].
260 |aOttawa : |b[Multiculturalism and Citizenship], |cc1991.
300 |a55 p. : |bcol. ill.
500 |aPrepared by NGL Consultants Ltd and National Literacy Secretariat. Cf. Prefatory material.
500 |aAlso issued in French under title: Pour un style clair et simple.
504 |aIncludes bibliographical references: p. 48-50.
5052 |a1. Plain language and the public servant -- 2. Before you start writing -- 3. Make your writing effective -- 4. Clear and simple: paragraphs and sentences -- 5. Think about your choice of words -- 6. Appearances are very important -- 7. Check with the experts, your readers -- 8. A check list -- 9. For more information.
5200 |aThis handbook offers advice on plain-language writing. Intended for government authors, it is a useful resource for others interested in producing writing that is more accessible, more exact, and clearer to experts and nonexperts alike. It includes chapters on planning and preparing a piece of writing, organizing it, the style of sentences and paragraphs, choice of words, and formatting. A helpful list of points to remember follows each chapter.
530 |aIssued also in print format.
69207|2gccst|aEnglish language
69207|2gccst|aPlain language
7101 |aCanada.|bMulticulturalism and Citizenship.
7101 |aCanada.|bNational Literacy Secretariat.
7102 |aNGL Consulting Ltd.
77508|tPour un style clair et simple |w(CaOODSP)9.643617
7760#|tPlain language, clear and simple / |w(CaOODSP)9.644871
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