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0861 |aCo24-121/1974E-PDF
24500|aUHF satellite station keeping and attitude control trade-off studies / |cCanadian Astronautics Limited.
264 1|a[Ottawa] : |b[Department of Communications], |c[1974]
300 |a1 online resource (1 volume (various pagings)) : |bfigures
336 |atext|btxt|2rdacontent
337 |acomputer|bc|2rdamedia
338 |aonline resource|bcr|2rdacarrier
500 |aDigitized edition from print [produced by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada].
500 |a"Performed under contract No.OSR4-0085."
516 |aElectronic monograph in PDF format.
520 |a"The objectives of this study as given in the contract Statement of Work can be summarized as follows: 1. To study mission payload optimization through trade-offs of orbit inclination, station keeping strategy and mission lifetime. 2. To study attitude control trade-offs for accurate pointing of a narrow spot-beam antenna. 3. To examine the constraints on the mission and spacecraft design by selection of parameters such as inclination, right ascension of ascending node attitude control, etc. 4. To suggest alternative approaches to the utilizationof increased payload weight under the constraints imposed by selection of the mission parameters"--Study Objectives.
7101 |aCanada. |bDepartment of Communications.
7102 |aCanadian Astronautics Ltd.
85640|qPDF|s4.05 MB|uhttps://publications.gc.ca/collections/collection_2019/isde-ised/Co24/Co24-121-1974-eng.pdf