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040 |aCaOODSP|beng|erda|cCaOODSP
0861 |aCo24-3/1-81-0025E-PDF
24500|aReport no. 2 : |binterim report : testing methodologies for fiber optic transmission systems / |cfor Department of Communications, Communications Research Center ; prepared by Bell-Northern Research Ltd.
24630|aInterim report : |btesting methodologies for fiber optic transmission systems
264 1|aOttawa, Ontario : |bDepartment of Communications, Communications Research Center, |c1981.
300 |a1 online resource (vi, 43 pages) : |billustrations.
336 |atext|btxt|2rdacontent
337 |acomputer|bc|2rdamedia
338 |aonline resource|bcr|2rdacarrier
4901 |aDOC contractor report ; |vDOC-CR-CS-81-0025
500 |a"DSS file reference: 13ST. 36061-0-3309."
500 |a"DSS contract serial: 1ST80-00116."
500 |a"BNR reference: P372/TR6734."
500 |a"Communications Systems Research and Development."
500 |a"Date: September 1981."
500 |aDigitized edition from print [produced by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada].
520 |a"This report describes the current status of modelling activities aimed at establishing test methods for fiber optic links and components. The fiber has been characterized by three different approaches. Its impulse response has been measured experimentally as well as computed from its index profile and from differential mode characteristics. The three impulse responses are compared. Launching conditions have been simulated to represent both the mode volume and the power profile (near-field pattern) of a source. A relationship between the modal power distribution and the near-field pattern is being sought. The complexities of this research are discussed. The fibre joint has been modelled partially. Matching conditions have been established between incoming and outgoing modes. Future activities are discussed"--Summary, page i.
530 |aIssued also in print format.
7101 |aCanada. |bDepartment of Communications.
7102 |aBell-Northern Research.
7102 |aCommunications Research Centre (Canada)
830#0|aDOC contractor report (Canada. Department of Communications)|vDOC-CR-CS-81-0025.|w(CaOODSP)9.869864
85640|qPDF|s3.12 MB|uhttps://publications.gc.ca/collections/collection_2019/isde-ised/Co24/Co24-3-1-81-0025-eng.pdf