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1001 |aHorn, Bernd, |d1959- |eauthor.
24510|aMilitary elites / |cColonel (retired) Bernd Horn.
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4901 |aCANSOFCOM Education & Research Centre monograph series ; |vmonograph 27
500 |a"Produced for CANSOFCOM Education & Research Centre by 17 Wing Winnipeg Publishing Office."
500 |a"Editor: Dr. Emily Spencer."
504 |aIncludes bibliographical references (pages 87-116).
520 |a"This extremely important publication is timely as a number of international elite organizations have recently faced scrutiny and censure for criminal and unethical behaviour on operations, as well as in the exercise of their normal activities. … As the author draws out, the whole concept of elite is a difficult one for liberal democratic societies where the idea that someone, or some group, is somehow superior to others goes against more equalitarian views. Indeed, this idea goes against the grain of our egalitarian, "everyone is created equal", paradigm. But the reality is that there are elites in society, business, politics, sports and, also, the military. In and of itself, this reality is not necessarily a problem. There are advantages to elites as Colonel (Retired) Horn articulates. However, there are also potential pitfalls and problems with elites if the leadership is not strong enough to constrain those that may abandon the high ethical and moral standards required of those serving in these organizations. As such, this monograph explores the concept of military elites, specifically what constitutes an elite organization, the inherent disdain and resistance to elites, as well as the potential problems and benefits of elites"--Foreword, page vii.
650 0|aSpecial forces (Military science)
650 0|aElite (Social sciences)
650 0|aCommand of troops.
650 0|aLeadership.
650 0|aMilitary ethics.
650 6|aForces spéciales (Science militaire)
650 6|aÉlite (Sciences sociales)
650 6|aCommandement des troupes.
650 6|aLeadership.
650 6|aMorale militaire.
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830#0|aCANSOFCOM Education & Research Centre monograph series ;|vmonograph 27.|w(CaOODSP)9.832892
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