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0861 |aHP40-279/2019E-PDF
24500|aFoodNet Canada tables and figures 2019.
264 1|aOttawa, ON : |bPublic Health Agency of Canada = Agence de la santé publique du Canada, |c2020.
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500 |aIssued also in French under title: FoodNet Canada : tableaux et figures 2019.
500 |a"Publication date: December 2020."
500 |a"Pub.: 200227."
520 |a"The Public Health Agency of Canada's (PHAC) FoodNet Canada surveillance system is pleased to present this tables and figures report which provides the annual results of our surveillance activities conducted in 2019. The report is based on findings from its sentinel sites in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. It also provides preliminary findings from Quebec, representing a partial year due to their implementation part way through the year in July 2019. The report focuses on trends in enteric pathogen disease rates, as well as trends in the prevalence of these pathogens found on potential disease sources: retail meats, manure from food producing animals and water. It is our hope that this report will be used to inform and shape discussions on food safety issues regarding enteric diseases and their sources"--Executive summary, page 4.
650 0|aPathogenic microorganisms|zCanada|vStatistics.
650 0|aFoodborne diseases|zCanada|vStatistics.
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7102 |aPublic Health Agency of Canada, |eissuing body.
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