Canada in the 21st Century. II, Resources and Technology : C21-27/2E-PDF

"Canada in the 21st Century" - a series of 11 papers that examines Canada's future over the next 10 to 15 years in relation to the challenges of globalization and other economic developments. The series is divided into three sections: (I) Scene Setting, (II) Resources and Technology, and (III) Responding to the Challenges. The subjects range from issues on worldwide productivity slowdown, commercial policy changes and U.S.-Canada economic relations to issues that focus on Canada's aging population, investment challenges and opportunities, technology and innovation to far-reaching issues involving politics, demographics and the environment. The authors provide their "vision" of Canada in the 21st century by identifying historical trends and developing scenarios that give the reader a picture of how these trends might unfold. They also examine the consequences of these developments for the Canadian economy.

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Ministère/Organisme Industrie Canada
Nom de la direction générale Direction générale de l'analyse de la politique micro-économique
Titre Canada in the 21st Century. II, Resources and Technology
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