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This series of reports provides detailed statistics and analysis on a variety of topics and issues concerning Canada's justice system. Annual Juristats are produced in the following areas: crime statistics, homicide, impaired driving, justice system resources and expenditures, youth court statistics, youth custody and probation and corrections statistics. Additional Juristats are also produced each year on current topics of interest to the justice community. This is a unique periodical, of great interest to those who have to plan, establish, administer and evaluate justice programs and projects, or anyone who has an interest in Canada's justice system.


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(PDF- 268K)
Youth custody and community services in Canada, 2006/2006
(PDF- 204K)
Crime Statistics in Canada, 2007
(PDF- 249K)
Adult correctional services in Canada, 2005/2006
(PDF- 231K)
Adult Criminal Court Statistics, 2006/2007
(PDF- 235K)
Youth court statistics, 2006/2007
(PDF- 194K)
Youth crime in Canada, 2006
(PDF- 174K)
Firearms and Violent Crime
(PDF- 254K)
Female offenders in Canada
(PDF- 202K)
Homicide in Canada, 2006
(PDF- 161K)
Victim Services in Canada, 2005/2006
(PDF- 191K)
Youth Self-Reported Delinquency, Toronto, 2006
(PDF- 189K)
Crime Statistics in Canada, 2006
(PDF- 213K)
Canada's shelters for abused women, 2005/2006
Amended (2007/07/27)
(PDF- 160K)
A comparaison of large urban, small urban and rural crime rates, 2005
(PDF- 198K)
Youth custody and community services in Canada, 2004/2005
(PDF- 188K)
Impacts and consequences of victimization, GSS 2004
(PDF- 325K)
Outcomes of Probation and Conditional Sentence Supervision: An Analysis of Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan and Alberta, 2003/2004 to 2004/2005
(PDF- 273K)
Homicide in Canada, 2005
(PDF- 325K)
Adult correctional services in Canada, 2004/2005
(PDF- 286K)
Crime statistics in Canada, 2005
(PDF- 321K)
Victimization and offending among the Aborignal population in Canada
(PDF- 212K)
Youth Custody and Community Services in Canada, 2003/04
(PDF- 151K)
Offences against the Administration of Justice, 1994/95 to 2003/04
(PDF- 268K)
Adult Correctional Services in Canada, 2003/04
(PDF- 264K)
Criminal victimization in Canada, 2004
Amended (2006/02/20)
(PDF- 372K)
Homicide in Canada, 2004
(PDF- 209K)
Crime statistics in Canada, 2004
(PDF- 208K)
Youth Court Statistics, 2003-2004

(PDF - 210K)

Canada’s Shelters for Abused Women, 2003/04

(PDF - 244K)

Returning to Correctional Services after Release: A Profile of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Adults Involved in Saskatchewan Corrections from 1999/00 to 2003/04

(PDF - 202K)

Children and Youth as Victims of Violent Crime, 2003

(PDF - 245K)

Adult criminal court statistics, 2003/04

(PDF - 188K)

Victim Services in Canada, 2002/03

(PDF - 271K)

Adult Correctional Services in Canada, 2002/03

(PDF - 182K)

Youth Custody and Community Service in Canada, 2002/03

(PDF - 234K)

Homicide in Canada, 2003
(PDF - 154K)
Private Security and Public Policing in Canada, 2001
(PDF - 254K)
Crime Statistics in Canada, 2003
(PDF - 190K)
Breaking and Entering in Canada - 2002

(PDF - 171K)

Hate crime in Canada

(PDF - 203K)

Youth Custody and Community Services in Canada, 2001/02

(PDF - 182K)

Youth Court Statistics, 2002-03

(PDF - 217K)

Trends in Drugs and the Role of Alcohol and Drugs in Crime

(PDF - 202K)

Adult Correctional Services in Canada, 2001/02

(PDF - 223K)

Adult criminal court statistics, 2002/03

(PDF - 186K)

Impaired driving and other traffic offences - 2002
Amended (2004/05/04)

(PDF - 193K)

Homicide in Canada, 2002

(PDF - 216K)

Custodial remand in Canada, 1986/87 to 2000/01

(PDF - 222K)

Sexual offences in Canada

(PDF - 240K)

Crime statistics in Canada, 2002

(PDF - 139K)

Canada's shelters for abused women, 2001/02

(PDF - 153K)

Youth court statistics, 2001/02

(PDF - 184K)

Adult criminal court statistics, 2001/02

(PDF - 174K)

Motor vehicle theft in Canada – 2001

(PDF - 175K)

Justice spending in Canada, 2000/01

(PDF - 203K)

Adult correctional services in Canada, 2000/01

(PDF - 194K)

Pilot analysis of recidivism among convicted youth and young adults - 1999/00

(PDF - 169K)

Youth custody and community services in Canada, 2000/01

(PDF - 185K)

Homicide in Canada - 2001

(PDF - 259K)

Crimes Statistics in Canada, 2001

(PDF - 194K)

National Trends in Intimate Partner Homicides, 1974-2000

(PDF - 184K)

Criminal Victimization: an International Perspective

(PDF - 138K)

Youth Court Statistics, 2000/01

(PDF - 186K)

Adult Criminal Court Statistics, 2000/01

(PDF - 137K)

Case Processing in Criminal Courts, 1999/00

(PDF - 130K)

Youth Custody and Community Services in Canada, 1999/00

(PDF - 133K)

Crime Comparisons between Canada and the United States

(PDF - 248K)

Sentencing in Adult Criminal Courts, 1999/00

(PDF - 186K)

Homicide in Canada - 2000

(PDF - 240K)

Crime statistics in Canada, 2000

(PDF - 153K)

Spousal violence after marital separation

(PDF - 121K)

Children witnessing family violence

(PDF - 159K)

Adult correctional services in Canada, 1999-00

(PDF - 141K)

Problem behaviour and delinquency in children and youthy
(PDF - 146K)
Youth Court Statistics, 1999/00
(PDF - 232K)
Adult Criminal Court Statistics, 1999/00
(PDF - 172K)
Canada's shelters for abused women, 1999-2000
(PDF - 244K)
Break and enter, 1999
(PDF - 216K)
Public attitudes toward the criminal justice system
(PDF - 203K)
Criminal harassment
(PDF - 219K)
Criminal victimization in Canada, 1999
(PDF - 206K)
Homicide in Canada, 1999
(PDF - 160K)
Youth custody and community services in Canada,
(PDF - 123K)
Sentencing of young offenders in Canada, 1998/99
(PDF - 161K)
Alternative measures in Canada, 1998-99
(PDF - 295K)
Crime statistics in Canada, 1999
(PDF - 155K)
The justice factfinder, 1998
(PDF - 176K)
Adult correctional services in Canada, 1998-99
(PDF - 200K)
Youth court statistics, 1998/99 Hightlights
(PDF - 213K)
Adult criminal court statistics, 1998/99
(PDF - 182K)
Youth violent crime
(PDF - 164K)
Justice spending in Canada
(PDF - 154K)
Impaired driving in Canada, 1998
(PDF - 174K)
Homicide in Canada, 1998
(PDF - 275K)
Crime statistics in Canada, 1998
(PDF - 167K)
Alternative measures for youth in Canada
(PDF - 297K)
The justice factfinder 1997
(PDF - 205K)
Canada's shelters for abused women
(PDF - 279K)
Aboriginal inmates, and inmates serving life sentences: a one day snapshot
(PDF - 279K)
Adult correctional services in Canada, 1997-98
(PDF - 158K)
Sex offenders
(PDF - 228K)
Youth court statistics 1997-98 highlights
(PDF - 217K)
Illicit drugs and crime in Canada
(PDF - 289K)
Court statistics, 1997-98
(PDF - 241K)
Private security and public policing in Canada
(PDF - 309K)
Homicide in Canada, 1997
(PDF - 233K)
Canadian crime statistics, 1997
(PDF - 233K)
Legal aid in Canada: 1996-97
(PDF - 299K)
Violence Committed by Strangers
(PDF - 244K)
A one-day snapshot on inmates in Canada's adult correctional facilities
(PDF - 369K)
Adult criminal court statistics, 1996-97
(PDF - 272K)
Victimization: an international perspective
(PDF - 204K)
Breaking and entering in Canada, 1996
(PDF - 223K)
The changing nature of fraud in Canada
(PDF - 196K)
Adult correctional services in Canada, 1996-97
(PDF - 158K)
Missing and abducted children
(PDF - 174K)
Motor vehicle theft in Canada - 1996
(PDF - 161K)
The justice data factfinder
(PDF - 182K)
Impaired driving in Canada, 1996
(PDF - 195K)
Assaults against children and youth in the family, 1996
(PDF - 164K)
Youth court statistics 1995-96 highlights
(PDF - 165K)
Homicide in Canada - 1996
(PDF - 231K)
Canadian crime statistics, 1996
(PDF - 120K)
Weapons and violent crime
(PDF - 246K)
Adult criminal court statistics, 1995-96
(PDF - 207K)
Crime in major metropolitan areas, 1991-1995
(PDF - 215K)
Adult correctional services in Canada, 1995-96
(PDF - 212K)
Justice spending in Canada
(PDF - 264K)
Street prostitution in Canada
(PDF - 239K)
Sentencing in adult provincial courts
(PDF - 268K)
Criminal harassment
(PDF - 290K)
Homicide in Canada, 1995
(PDF - 397K)
Canadian crime statistics, 1995