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"The Department of Justice is required by the 1995 amendments to the Auditor General Act to prepare a sustainable development strategy (SDS) for tabling in the House of Commons by December 15, 1997, and to update the strategy at least every three years. The same amendments created the position of Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development within the office of the Auditor General. The Commissioner will monitor and report to the House of Commons on the extent to which federal departments, including the Department of Justice, meet the objectives and implement the actions set out in their respective SDSs."--1997 Sustainable Development Strategy, p.6 of 65.

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Department/Agency Canada. Justice Canada.
Title Sustainable development strategy
Publication type Series
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Format Electronic
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Publishing information Ottawa - Ontario : Justice Canada December 1997-2007.
Chronology 1997-2007
Frequency Triennial
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  • J1-9E-PDF
Subject terms Sustainable development
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