Departmental performance report / Privy Council Office. : CP1-5E-PDF

Departmental Performance Reports are part of the Estimates prepared by the Government of Canada each year in support of its request to Parliament for authority to spend public monies. Each report emphasizes accountability, comparing accomplishments with the expectations and commitments set out earlier in the department’s Report on Plans and Priorities. The Departmental Performance Reports reflect the citizen focus of government programs, setting out the strategic context, the risks and challenges to meeting commitments, and the links between resources the department uses and the benefits it has achieved for Canadians and Canadian society.

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Renseignements sur la publication
Ministère/Organisme Canada. Privy Council Office.
Titre Departmental performance report / Privy Council Office.
Type de publication Série
Langue [Anglais]
Autres langues publiées [Français]
Suivi de Departmental results report ; 2560-9599 ; Began with: 2016/17.
Format Électronique
Note(s) Issued also in French under title: Rapport ministériel sur le rendement.
Information sur la publication [Ottawa] : Privy Council Office
Chronologie Began with 2004/2005; ceased with 2015/2016.
Périodicité Annual
ISSN 2368-3422
Numéro de catalogue
  • CP1-5E-PDF
Descripteurs Performance assessment
Federal departments
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