Buying and Reading Books for Pleasure - 2005 National Survey - Executive Summary: CH44-61/2005-1

This national telephone survey was carried out between January 5 and January 31, 2005, and was based on a random sample of 1,963 Canadians 16 years of age and older, including an oversample of respondents from minority official-language communities. The primary purpose of the survey was to provide a detailed statistical picture of the habits of Canadians with respect to buying and reading books for pleasure, as well as to update the findings of Reading in Canada 1991, undertaken by Ekos on behalf of Canadian Heritage.

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Department/Agency Canadian Heritage
Branch Name Publishing Policy and Programs Branch
Title Buying and Reading Books for Pleasure - 2005 National Survey - Executive Summary
Publication Type Monograph
Language Bilingual-[English | French]
Format Paper
Distribution Source Canadian Heritage
Book Publishing Industry Development Program
15 Eddy Street, 15-4-D
Gatineau, Quebec, K1A 0M5
Telephone: 1-877-823-0702 (only in Canada)
Telephone: 819-997-4944
Facsimile: 819-997-4169

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Note "This survey was commissioned by the Research, Analysis and Industry Development Directorate of the Publishing and Programs Branch, ... and its partners ..."--Verso of cover.
Date 2005
Binding Spiral binding
Dimensions 28cm x 22cm
Number of Pages 44
ISBN 0-662-69048-6
Catalogue Number CH44-61/2005-1
Weekly Checklist Number 06-30
Includes 1 CD-ROM under title: Reading and buying books for pleasure - 2005 national survey - final report.
Subject Terms Subject Terms: Books, Reading