Application for Pleasure Craft Licence: T29-79/2010

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Department/Agency Transport Canada
Title Application for Pleasure Craft Licence
Publication Type Monograph
Language Bilingual-[English | French]
Format Paper
Other Formats Other Formats: Electronic-[English], Electronic-[French]
Price Free
Availability Publication listed for reference purposes only
Distribution Source Transport Canada
Marine Safety
Marine Safety (AMSEG), Tower C, Place de Ville, 330 Sparks Street, 10th Floor
Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0N5
Telephone: 1-877-842-5606
Telephone: 1-888-675-6863 (TTY)
Facsimile: 613-998-0637

Note: The contact information above was provided at the time of cataloguing and may not be current.
Other sources to check for publication Other sources to check for publication: Libraries, Bookstores
Date c2010
Binding Pamphlet
Dimensions 28cm x 22cm
Number of Pages 4
ISBN 978-1-100-52064-3
Catalogue Number T29-79/2010
Departmental Catalogue Number TP 15049E
Weekly Checklist Number 10-43
Includes Application form (1p.)
Subject Terms Subject Terms: Pleasure craft