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Police resources in Canada


This report has two components. The first is an analytical component that examines trends in police personnel and expenditures at the national, provincial and census metropolitan area (CMA) levels, including data by rank and gender. Context is provided in terms of changes in the size of populations policed and in terms of rates in other countries. The second is a tabular component that summarizes crime, personnel and expenditure statistics for all municipal police departments in Canada. Key rates such as population per officer, per capita costs, overall crime rates and clearance rates are included for each police service. Security, both public and private, has recently become a strong public concern, and this may lead to changes in some areas of policing. The analysis of trends in key ratios such as per capita costs, population per officer, police to civilian ratios and the number of offences per officer can help shed some light on how the police community is responding to a changing environment.

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