Ninth census of Canada, 1951 = Neuvième recensement du Canada : CS98-1951-PDF

Report of the ninth census of Canada, 1951. Vol. I, Population: general characteristics - Gives population totals down to the smallest geographical areas. Classifications for certain areas by such basic characteristics as sex, age, marital status, origin, religious denomination, birthplace, official language, mother tongue, citizenship, immigration, schooling and war service. Vol. II, Population: cross-classification of characteristics -- (a) Age and sex, and (b) origine and sex, cross-classified with other population subjects. Characteristics of the immigrant populaiton; results of the census of the blind and deaf. Vol. II, Housing and families -- Housing data covering such characteristics as type of dwelling, number of rooms, tenure, rent, household facilities. Data on size and composition of family and characteristics of family heads. Vol. IV, Labour force: occupations and industries - Industry and occupation characteristics of the labour force as well as characteristics of age, birthplace, class of worker, immigration, maritial status, origin, and years of schooling. Vol. V. Earnings and employment of wage-earners --- Earnings and employment characteristics of wage and salary earners, as well as characteristics of age, hours worked, industry, marital status, occupation and sex; and some data for persons 14 years of age and over who were without jobs and seeking work or who were not in the labour force. Vol. VI - Agriculture (Parts I and II) - Number, area, value, tenure and size of occupied farms, crips, live stock and machinery. Part I relates to the Atlantic Provinces and Quebec. Part II relates to the rest of Canada. Vol. VII, Distribution: retail trade - Retail trade establsishments by geographic areas, kinds of business and type of operations, including such data as number of establishments, sales, employment, payrolls, inventories and commodities. Vol. VIII, Distribution: whole trade, services -- Wholesale trade establishments and service establishments by geographic areas, kinds of business and type of operations iincluding such data as number of establishments, sales, employment and payrolls, with inventories and commodities shown for the wholesale trade. Vol. IX, Fisheries -- Number and status of fishermen, type and syze of fishing craft, inventory of fishing gear and shore equipment, landings and disposition of fish, revenues and expenditures. Vol. X, General review - Review of the results of the 1951 Census relating to Population, Housing and Families, Labour Force, Agriculture, Distribution and Fisheries including historical and analytical tables as well as textual material. Vol. XI, Administrative report - Organization and methods of collecting and compiling the returns of the 1951 Census with background information on history, purpose and legislation.

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Department/Agency Canada. Dominion Bureau of Statistics.
Title Ninth census of Canada, 1951 = Neuvième recensement du Canada
Variant title Neuvième recensement du Canada
Report on the ninth census of Canada, 1951
Census of Canada 1951
Publication type Monograph
Language Bilingual-[English | French]
Format Electronic
Electronic document
Note(s) Chiefly tables.
Historical census publication digitized in 2010 [by Statistics Canada].
Includes indexes.
v. 1. Population: general characteristics -- v. 2. Population: cross-classifications of characteristics -- v. 3. Housing and families -- v. 4. Labour force: occupations and industries -- v. 5. Labour force: earnings and employment of wage-earners -- v. 6., pt. 1. Agriculture: Canada, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec -- v. 6, pt. 2. Agriculture: Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia -- v. 7. Distribution: retail trade -- v. 8. Distribution: whole trade, services -- v. 9. Fisheries -- v. 10. General review and summary tables - v. 11. Administrative report.
Text in English and in French in parallel columns.
Publishing information Ottawa : Dominion Bureau of Statistics = Bureau fédéral de la statistique, 1953-1956 (Edmond Cloutier)
Description 11 v. in 12 : ill., graphs, maps
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  • CS98-1951-PDF
Subject terms Census
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