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Mini Reviews

84-7E When do Acts come into force? Revised 8 July 1990
MR-58E The Old Age Security Fund 14 March 1990
MR-60E The Battered Wife Defence: The Lavallee Case Revised 5 November 1992
MR-61E The Security Intelligence Review Committee: complaint procedure 15 August 1990
MR-72E Farm financing and the globalization of the agri-food industry 30 November 1990
MR-102E Human rights legislation and the Charter: a comparative guide Revised 18 September 1997
MR-105E Credit card innovation: low-interest cards 27 January 1993
MR-107E Biodiversity: its importance in the modern world: conference report 6 April 1993
MR-108E Gemini airline reservation system dispute: decision of the Competition Tribunal 29 April 1993
MR-112E Defence policy review Revised 4 February 1994
MR-114E Cruise missile testing in Canada: the post-Cold War debate 21 January 1994
MR-115E Medication costs in Canada 1 December 1993
MR-116E NAFTA and the environment 14 December 1993
MR-117E Breast Cancer: National Forum, Montreal, 14-16 November 1993 6 January 1994
MR-118E Projet de Société: planning for a sustainable future 28 January 1994
MR-121E Budgetary deficits: why are Canadian and American trends diverging? 24 February 1994
MR-122E Violence against women: the Canadian Panel's final report 28 February 1994
MR-123E Youth gangs: findings of the Ministry of the Solicitor General report 30 March 1994
MR-124E Reproductive technologies: Royal Commission Final Report 22 April 1994
MR-125E Indian Reserves: procedure for adding land 14 November 1994
MR-126E Criminal charges and Parliamentarians Revised 14 August 1996
28 June 1994
MR-128E Eldercare and the workplace: the role of business, labour and government: report on the roundtable held in Ottawa, 21 June 1994 15 September 1994
MR-130E Income tax exemption for Status Indians: Revenue Canada's new policy 19 January 1995
MR-131E Suicide among Aboriginal people: Royal Commission report 23 February 1995
MR-132E Delinquency prevention: the Montreal Longitudinal-Experimental Study 3 March 1995
MR-134E Missile defence and the renewal of the NORAD agreement Revised 16 April 1996
MR-135E Debt repatriation: issues and options 19 October 1995
MR-136E Patented dedication and the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board 23 November 1995
MR-138E The Reserve Force of the Canadian Forces: restructuring process 10 May 1996
MR-139E Patented Medicine Prices Review Board: 1995 annual report 18 July 1996
MR-140E Computers and the Year 2000 problem 10 September 1996
MR-141E Land mines Revised 25 September 2003
MR-142E Provincial and private drug insurance plans in Canada 20 June 1996
MR-143E The Dolly Phenomenon: "Cloning" in mammals Revised 30 May 1997
MR-144E Patent term extensions for pharmaceutical products 20 February 1997
MR-145E Patent protection for pharmaceutical products under the World Trade Organization Agreement and the North American Free Trade Agreement 20 February 1997
MR-146E The Patent Act: notice of compliance linkage regulations 19 February 1997
MR-147E Economic prospects for Canada: Spring 1997 19 March 1997
MR-148E Resource management in challenged environments: NABC 9 conference report 19 June 1997
MR-149E Herb regulation in Canada: background and issues 6 October 1997
MR-150E Emissions trading in implementation of the Kyoto Agreement 8 April 1998
MR-151E Agriculture Soil Conservation in Canada 27 August 1998
MR-847E When Do Acts Come Into Force? Revised 8 July 1990