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Background Papers

BP-47E The opposition in a Parliamentary system December 1988
BP-56E Members of the House of Commons: their role Revised, June 1997
BP-87E Computer crime Revised, November 1991
BP-144E The Federal Deficit: some economic fallacies February 1986
BP-151E The legislative process April 1989
BP-175E Aboriginal people: history of discriminatory laws Revised, November 1991
BP-185E Canada's Refugee Protection System Revised October 2002
BP-187E The foundations of Canadian federalism December 1988
BP-190E Canada's immigration program Revised October 2002
BP-194E The Notwithstanding Clause of the Charter Revised, September 1997
BP-206E Social Insurance Numbers: regulating their use Revised, September 1997
BP-207E Economic policy: adviser organizations May 1989
BP-209E U.S. Legislative Protection for Public Sector Whistleblowers Revised, May 2000
BP-228E Environmental problems: market-based solutions March 1990
BP-229E Housing: current issues Revised, August 1998
BP-236E Teen suicide August 1990
BP-241E Oaths of allegiance and the Canadian House of Commons October 1990
BP-242E Television and the House of Commons Revised, December 1998
BP-243E Political parties and parliamentary recognition Revised, August 1996
BP-244E The Senate: appointments under Section 26 of the Constitution Act, 1867 August 1990
BP-247E Free trade in North America : the maquiladora factor December 1990
BP-252E Immigration: the Canada-Quebec Accord Reviewed, September 1998
BP-254E Forests and global warming April 1991
BP-259E Spousal support under the Divorce Act: a new direction Revised, June 1993
BP-264E Established programs financing for health care August 1991
BP-265E Science education in Canada August 1991
BP-268E Property rights and the Constitution October 1991
BP-271E Referendums: The Canadian experience in an international context January 1992
BP-272E The spending power: scope and limitations October 1991
BP-273E Immigration: constitutional issues Revised, October 1992
BP-275E Economic union: A comparison of Canadian government proposals and the plans of the European Community October 1991
BP-276E Municipalities, the Constitution and the Canadian federal system Revised, February 2001
BP-277E Culture and communications: the constitutional setting September 1991
BP-279E Human rights and the courts in Canada Revised, October 2001
BP-280E Refugee protection: the international context Revised, September 1998
BP-281E An environmental bill of rights for Canada November 1991
BP-283E The Constitution of Canada: a brief history of amending procedure discussions January 1992
BP-285E Wrongful convictions in the criminal justice system January 1992
BP-289E Obscenity: the decision of the Supreme Court of Canada in R. v. Butler March 1992
BP-290E Sustainable agriculture: future dimensions March 1992
BP-292E Pulp and paper: the reduction of toxic effluents April 1992
BP-293E Ozone: the earth's sunscreen April 1992
BP-294E The Canadian forestry sector: an industrial and technological profile April 1992
BP-295E Quebec's constitutional veto: the legal and historical context May 1992
BP-297E The management and control of public finances in Canada Revised, January 1998
BP-300E The Canadian and American health care systems June 1992
BP-303E International conflicts: Parliament, the National Defence Act, and the decision to participate August 1992
BP-309E Aboriginal people and taxation September 1992
BP-312E Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation: deposit protection in Canada October 1992
BP-313E The northern cod crisis October 1992
BP-316E Senate reform proposals in comparative perspective November 1992
BP-317E The Rio Earth Summit: summary of the United Nations conference on Environment and Development November 1992
BP-319E Post-secondary education: an imperative for Canada's future November 1992
BP-320E Feeding the world's hungry: agriculture as the vital link November 1992
BP-321E Federal-provincial program overlap December 1992
BP-322E The Law of the Sea Convention February 1993
BP-323E Hazardous waste management: Canadian directions December 1992
BP-324E NAFTA: implementation and the participation of the provinces January 1993
BP-325E Health issues in rural Canada December 1992
BP-326E Citizenship education in Canada May 1993
BP-327E North American Free Trade Agreement: rationale and issues January 1993
BP-328E Referendums in Canada: the effect of populist decision-making on representative democracy August 1993
BP-329E The Canadian airline industry: its structure, performance and prospects February 1993
BP-331E NAFTA: resolving conflicts between treaty provisions and domestic law February 1993
BP-332E Human rights: toward a common understanding December 1996
BP-333E Municipal water issues in Canada April 1993
BP-334E Electoral systems May 1993
BP-335E Alzheimer's disease May 1993
BP-337E Canadian airlines and AMR proposal: National Transportation Agency decision June 1993
BP-338E High-level radioactive waste in Canada November 1993
BP-339E Moge v. Moge: a new vision of spousal support July 1993
BP-340E Health care financing: user participation July 1993
BP-341E The aboriginal fisheries and the Sparrow decision October 1993
BP-343E The Communications Security Establishment: Canada's most secret intelligence agency September 1993
BP-344E Quota licensing in Canada's fishing industry September 1993
BP-345E Child support: quantum, enforcement and taxation Revised, March 1996
BP-346E Sanctions: the economic weapon in the New World Order Revised, January 1996
BP-347E Developed and developing countries: promoting equitable development July 1993
BP-348E Murderers' parole eligibility: the evolution of judicial review Revised, March 1997
BP-349E The Rodriguez case: a review of the Supreme Court of Canada decision on assisted suicide October 1993
BP-350E The health care system in Canada: effectiveness and efficiency October 1993
BP-351E The health of the Canadian elderly November 1993
BP-352E Low-level radioactive waste management November 1993
BP-354E Patent protection for pharmaceutical products November 1993
BP-355E Environmental assessment: conference on law and process in environmental management November 1993
BP-356E Paper recycling in Canada: a new reality November 1993
BP-357E Nuclear power in eastern and central Europe November 1993
BP-358E Fiscal rules for the control of government November 1993
BP-359E Aboriginal political representation: a review of several jurisdictions February 1994
BP-360E Canada's nuclear fuel industry: an overview November 1993
BP-361E Senate committees: role and effectiveness June 1994
BP-362E Conflict of interest: selected issues Revised, October 1998
BP-363E The GST: an overview of some alternatives December 1993
BP-364E Ports in Canada: future competitiveness December 1993
BP-365E The Canadian nuclear power industry December 1993
BP-367E Budgets 1993: federal and provincial responses to rising deficits December 1993
BP-368E Youth crime: fear and responses December 1993
BP-369E Government expenditures: review process July 1993
BP-370E Gender-related refugee claims March 1994
BP-371E Public opinion polling in Canada January 1994
BP-372E Free trade in Latin America and the Caribbean January 1994
BP-373E Income-contingent student loans January 1994
BP-374E Bosnia-Hercegovina: the international response January 1994
BP-375E Reorganizing government: new approaches to public service reform January 1994
BP-376E Reorganizing government: the reform debate in perspective January 1994
BP-377E The Goods and Services Tax: the government's administration costs February 1994
BP-379E National standards and social programs: what the federal government can do September 1997
BP-380E Reduction of tariffs on supply managed commodities under the GATT and the NAFTA February 1994
BP-381E The Canada Health and Social Transfer: funding formula and changes in tranfers 10 July 1997
BP-382E Federal-provincial fiscal relations in Canada: two proposals for reform February 1994
BP-383E Federal and Provincial access to information legislation: an overview July 1997
BP-384E Chiapas and after: the Mexican crisis and implications for Canada February 1994
BP-385E Information superhighway March 1994
BP-386E Education in Canada: current issues May 1994
BP-387E GATT 1993 and the future agenda August 1994
BP-389E Unemployment insurance financing: selected issues October 1994
BP-390E Transportation issues in Canada September 1994
BP-392E Environmental health: risks posed by PCBs November 1994
BP-393E Agricultural biotechnology: opportunities and challenges Revised, June 1996
BP-394E The Canadian Human Rights Act: processing complaints of discrimination Revised, October 1997
BP-396E Cable specialty services: the consumer protest of early 1995 January 1995
BP-397E Information technology: the integration of government services February 1995
BP-398E International humanitarian responses to crises and conflicts: current challenges January 1995
BP-400E Budgets 1995: federal and provincial efforts to curb and eliminate deficits May 1995
BP-401E The charity "industry" and its tax treatment Revised, July 1996
BP-403E Rail lines: current conveyance and abandonment procedures and replacement proposals in Bill C-101 September 1995
BP-405E Forensic DNA testing: legal background to Bill C-104 August 1995
BP-406E Constitutional activity from patriation to Charlottetown (1980-1992) November 1995
BP-407E The garbage crisis: traditional solutions December 1995
BP-408E Distinct society: origins, interpretations, implications December 1995
BP-409E Bioethics, medical technologies and the health of Canadians: some policy considerations January 1996
BP-410E Indian status and band membership issues Revised February 2003
BP-411E Heterosexual AIDS March 1996
BP-412E Aboriginal peoples and the 1995 Quebec referendum: a survey of the issues February 1996
BP-414E Science and technology: the new federal policy April 1996
BP-415E Unemployment compensation systems and reforms in selected OECD countries April 1996
BP-416E Human rights, global markets: some issues and challenges for Canadian foreign policy April 1996
BP-417E Species at risk in Canada May 1996
BP-418E Financial transactions taxes: pros, cons, design issues and revenue estimates June 1996
BP-419E Financial transactions taxes: the international experience and the lessons for Canada June 1996
BP-420E The information highway: the convergence of telecommunications, broadcast distribution and microprocessing June 1996
BP-421E The information revolution and international telecommunications July 1996
BP-422E Mining and Regulation: Voisey's Bay July 1996
BP-423E Financial markets and government policies: a favourable view August 1996
BP-424E The Special Import Measures Act: an overview August 1996
BP-425E Budgets 1996: continuing restraint by federal, provincial & territorial governments August 1996
BP-426E Boot camps: issues for consideration September 1996
BP-427E Canadian competitiveness in telecommunications and broadcast distribution November 1996
BP-428E Aboriginal fishing rights: Supreme Court decisions October 1996
BP-429E Pacific salmon: the Canada--United States dispute Revised, September 1997
BP-430E Telecommunications and Canadian industrial policy November 1996
BP-431E Tire recycling 26 November 1996
BP-432E The deregulatory framework for telecommunications and broadcast distribution November 1996
BP-434E World Fisheries: the current crisis January 1997
BP-436E The arithmetic of the Public Debt April 1997
BP-437E The Canadian electoral system Revised, October 2001
BP-438E Public- and Private-Sector Involvement in Health-Care Systems: A Comparison of OECD Countries Revised, February 2001
BP-439E Garnishment of wages paid by the Federal Crown June 1997
BP-440E Budgets 1997: Ever closer to balance at the Federal, Provincial and territorial levels June 1997
BP-441E Child custody and access July 1997
BP-442E Inflation targets after 1998: some contrasting views July 1997
BP-443E Forensic DNA analysis: technology and application September 1997
BP-444E The Multilateral Agreement on Investment: rationale, outline and issues September 1997
BP-445E Canadian Citizenship Act and current issues Revised, August 1998
BP-446E Sustainable development: a Parliamentary Forum July 1997
BP-448E Youth unemployment trends October 1997
BP-449E Electric vehicles October 1997
BP-450E The transfer of tax points to provinces under the Canada Health and Social Transfer October 1997
BP-451E Hemispheric affairs in transition: developing Canadian roles September 1997
BP-452E The hemispheric free trade process September 1997
BP-453E Linguistic and cultural diversity in the context of economic integration of the Americas August 1997
BP-454E The path to a sustainable future: some positive thoughts August 1997
BP-455E The use of modern communications technology by Parliaments and Parliamentarians August 1997
BP-456E Democracy, economic integration and Parliaments July 1997
BP-457E Human rights in the context of economic integration of the Americas July 1997
BP-458E Sustainable development: conditions, principles and issues July 1997
BP-459E Aboriginal Title: the Supreme Court of Canada decision in Delgamuukw v. British Columbia Revised, February 2000
BP-460E Financing university education in Canada May 1998
BP-461E Military plutonium disposal and the MOX fuel option April 1998
BP-462E Patented medicines (notice of compliance) regulations under the Patent Act: 1998 amendments July 1998
BP-463E Employment Insurance reform: the first monitoring and assessment report June 1998
BP-464E The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA): United States Credit Legislation October 1998
BP-465E A national highway system September 1998
PRB99-2E The Nisga'a Final Agreement Revised 24 September 2001
PRB99-3E Canada's Legal Age of Consent to Sexual Activity 25 January 1999
PRB99-12E Genetically Modified Foods 1 November 1999
PRB99-22E Mental Disorder and Canadian Criminal Law Revised 22 January 2002
PRB 99-31E Canada Business Corporations Act: directors' residency requirements and other residency issues 7 December 1999
PRB 99-32E Canada Business Corporations Act: unanimous shareholder agreements 20 January 2000
PRB 99-33E Canada Business Corporations Act: shareholder communications 18 January 2000
PRB 99-35E Newspaper Ownership In Canada: An Overview Of The Davey Committee And Kent Commission Studies 17 December 1999
PRB 99-37E Intergovernmental Relations: social union issues 17 December 1999
PRB 99-38E Insider Trading 22 December 1999
PRB 99-39E Legislative protection for whistleblowers in Britain 18 January 2000
PRB 99-40E Take-over bids 25 January 2000
PRB 99-41E Financial assistance under the Canada Business Corporations Act 26 January 2000
PRB 99-42E Background to the introduction of Bill C-20, the Clarity Bill 15 February 2000
PRB 99-44E Directors' Liability 29 February 2000
PRB 99-46E Patent protection for pharmaceutical products in Canada: chronology of significant events 30 March 2000
PRB 00-01E Endocrine Disruptors Update 10 August 2000
PRB 00-02E Homelessness:The U.S. AND Canadian Experience 12 September 2000
PRB 00-03E The Goods and Services Tax: 10 Years Later 15 June 2000
PRB 00-04E International Treaties: Canadian Practice 3 April 2000
PRB 00-05E The Privacy of personal information and electronic commerce - Recent Developments 31 May 2000
PRB 00-06E International Deployment of Canadian forces: Parliament's Role 16 May 2000
PRB 00-07E Option Contracts - A Primer 20 July 2000
PRB 00-08E The Human Genome Project and its Ethical,Legal and Social Implications 26 July 2000
PRB 00-12E Facilitating Electronic Commerce Through The Development Of Laws To Recognize Electronic Documents And Transactions 20 November 2000
PRB 00-13E Invasive non-indigenous species 18 September 2000
PRB 00-14E The Multifunctionality of agriculture - summary of the Canadian federation of agriculture conference 23 October 2000
PRB 00-16E Financial holding companies Bill C-8 and new options for financial conglomerates 12 October 2000
PRB 00-17E Attention deficit disorder 5 October 2000
PRB 00-18E Consumer Protection And Electronic Commerce 10 October 2000
PRB 00-19E Protecting wild species at risk in Canada Revised 23 May 2003
PRB 00-20E The Federal Role in Rural Health 12 October 2000
PRB 00-22E The Gross Domestic Product and Alternative Economic and Social Indicators 1 December 2000
PRB 00-23E Healthy Aging: Adding Life to Years and Years to Life 27 October 2000
PRB 00-24E Bill S-15: The Tobacco Youth Protection Act 9 February 2001
PRB 00-27E Canada's Productivity and Standard of Living: Past, Present and Future 22 November 2000
PRB 00-28E How Can Information Technology Transform the Way Parliament Works? 23 November 2000
PRB 00-29E Organic Farming in Canada: An Overview 19 February 2001
PRB 00-31E The Canadian Social Union: Questions About the Division of Powers and Fiscal Federalism 18 January 2001
PRB 00-33E Water: Tomorrow's Strategic Issue 16 February 2001
PRB 00-35E Reproductive Technologies: Surrogacy, and Egg and Sperm Donation 8 February 2001
PRB 00-37E Quebec's Health Review (The Clair Commission) 26 February 2001
PRB 00-38E Carbon Sequestration by Agricultural Soil 30 January 2001
PRB 00-41E Bulk Water Removals, Water Exports and the NAFTA Revised 31 January 2002
PRB 01-3E Canada and the United States: Trade, Investment, Integration and the Future 2 April 2001
PRB 01-4E Ozone: The Earth's Sunscreen 2 April 2001
PRB 01-5E Three Decades of Economic and Financial Change in Canada: 1969 to 1999 8 August 2000
PRB 01-9E Section 41 of the Official Languages Act: Scope Evolution and Implementation Framework 17 September 2001
PRB 01-10E A Closer Look at the Flat Tax 23 August 2001
PRB 01-11E Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada 4 October 2001
PRB 01-14E Emergencies Act 10 October 2001
PRB 01-17E International Criminal Law 15 October 2001
PRB 01-18E The International Convention on the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism 19 September 2001
PRB 01-20E Medical Savings Accounts - A Comparative Overview 30 October 2001
PRB 01-22E Policy in an Uncertain Climate:  The Science of Climate Change 15 November 2001
PRB 01-23E Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Future Energy Requirements 19 November 2001
PRB 01-28E Chemoterrorism 15 January 2002
PRB 01-29E Nuclear Terrorism 14 January 2002
PRB 01-31E Patient's Bill of Rights - A Comparative Overview 4 February 2002
PRB 01-32E Registered Retirement Savings Plans (Rrsps) And Bankruptcy 21 March 2002
PRB 01-33E Report of the Premier's Advisory Council on Health (Alberta) - An Overview 21 February 2002
PRB 01-34E Protecting Employee Wages in Bankruptcy 6 March 2002
PRB 02-07E The Joint Strike Fighter Project 19 February 2003
PRB 02-11E The International Criminal Court: American Concerns About An International Prosecutor 14 May 2002
PRB 02-13E Bulk Water Removals: Canadian Legislation Revised 9 January 2003
PRB 02-22E BILL C-249:
15 November 2002
PRB 02-23E Canada's Productivity And Standard Of Living: Past, Present And Future 24 October 2002
PRB 02-28E Federal Exemptions In Bankruptcy 23 October 2002
PRB 02-29E Home Care Sector In Canada: Economic Problems 10 October 2002
PRB 02-30E Home Care In The Atlantic Provinces: Structure And Expenditures 2 October 2002
PRB 02-31E Home Care In Quebec And Ontario: Structure And Expenditures 4 October 2002
PRB 02-32E Home Care In Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta And British Columbia: Structure And Expenditures 9 October 2002
PRB 02-38E Protecting Unpaid Suppliersin A Bankruptcy 6 January 2003
PRB 02-40E Food Safety: An Overview Of Canada's Approach 16 October 2002
PRB 02-41E Airports In Transition 4 October 2002
PRB 02-42E The U.S. Sarbanes-Oxley Act Of 2002: Reforming Corporate Governance And Disclosure 4 November 2002
PRB 02-45E Rural Canada: Access To Health Care 1 December 2002
PRB 02-48E Marine Transportation Containers And Trade 24 October 2002
PRB 02-51E Not Just The Fta: Factors Affecting Growth In Canada-United States Trade Since 1988 4 March 2003